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Tring’s largest independently owned, inclusive, non-intimidating, non-comparative fitness gym.


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Exclusive Appointment Based Membership.

Gym Floor Sessions Available Throughout The Day.

Booking Essential Up To 7 Days In Advance; Last minute slots also available. 

Limited Membership Capacity


Knowledgeable, friendly and inspiring, our team are here to make your fitness experience fun, maximising your time & efforts in the gym.

Empowering and inspiring, our Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors are available daily for advice, motivation & encouragement.


Open, clean, well equipped and air conditioned; OTL provides all you need for your fitness goals. The importance of our ‘non-intimidating’ but ‘all-inclusive’ atmosphere is our priority.

With enhanced safety protocols you will have confidence in our ability to keep you safe as your train. 


An encouraging and supportive community culture makes fitness inclusive and fun. Our private Facebook group supports this, providing a communication platform to facilitate the latest information between members and team.

Our Strava club and regular challenges encourages friendly competition between members.

On The Limit Logo

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services that will help you achieve your goals. 

We welcome adults, seniors, students and juniors over 13 years.

Scroll down to see what we offer.

Tring Personal Training

To perform at our best we need many aspects of exercise & the benefits it brings to thrive physiologically.  By providing cardio, resistance, strength & conditioning equipment and free weights you can utilise full breadth of techniques to improve your  cardiovascular system, strength, flexibility, physical appearance, mental wellness and ultimately your overall health.

Free Inductions & programmes are available to all on request

Our creative studio timetable with approximately 30 weekly classes means you will undoubtedly find a class or more to suit.

From MetaFit to Pilates, Pump to Zumba, Indoor Group Cycling & everything in between, our programme caters to both men & women of all levels, tastes, personal schedules & availability.

They’re a fun, uplifting & effective way to find your fitness mojo.

Tring Exercise Classes
Personal Training On The Limit

Whatever your goal personal training allows you to work with an experienced dedicated trainer to ensure your session is 100% effective to allow you to achieve that goal in the shortest time. Our qualified PT’s are committed to bringing their expert knowledge & skills to each session, working directly alongside you with friendly motivation. 

No membership necessary.

Whether you need the motivation of like-minded individuals, or would like to benefit from the expertise of a Personal Trainer on a more cost-effective basis, our group training solutions are for you. 

With a small group, you get the same level of attention but with a fun and inspiring group dynamic. It’s feeding off other like-minded members that spurs you on and on.

Tring Personal Training
On The Limit SlimFit

Our SlimFit small group transformation sessions give you focus and support with a motivating group dynamic of like-minded individuals.

Designed & led by our expert PT’s, our programmes will guide you, motivate you and push you past any limit you thought you had; giving & the confidence and stamina to kick start or progress your training.

3 sessions per week for 6 weeks plus full membership included.

HYROX is a training concept for every body, no matter your fitness level, age or experience culminating in a unique indoor fitness race.

Combining functional fitness training and running, our fully accredited Hyrox trainers will coach you in Hyrox specific small groups to improve your fitness so that you and your fellow team-mates are prepared to compete in your first HYROX Fitness Race!

Hyrox Tring
Tring Body Transformations

Body transformation through exercise can be a great way to not only become healthier and stronger but also to improve self-confidence and enhance your physical appearance.

There is no one right way to achieve a body transformation; different individuals may require different approaches depending on their individual needs and goals.

Our Transformation specialists will help you to define what’s right for you. 

We promise you, age alone is never a barrier to fitness. It’s always possible to achieve the best body you’ve ever had and build a more robust state of health, even after you’re 60.

To improve your physical resilience, and build a positive relationship with health and wellbeing, join our specialist small group training sessions run individually for both men and women over 60.

No membership necessary.

Seniors Fitness Tring
On The Limit Juniors

We offer two types of memberships from age 13 depending on your age and status. 

We know that the developing bones and body systems are still developing in adolescents and we need to protect and nurture your training. Whether its cardio or weight training we can guide you the best way to achieve it.

We offer a free induction and/or programme to all our junior members so that we can show you how to use our equipment, teach you how to achieve your goals, guide you on the best equipment to utilise and most importantly the best technique to avoid any potential injury. 


With 15 bikes, several sessions and various instructors teaching throughout the week, you will be unlikely to find a greater selection of indoor cycle workouts. A great way to burn fat, increase cardio levels and tone your lower body. Our Ride classes are second to none.

Tring Spinning
On The Limit Nutritional Guide

Taking control of what you put in your body, is just as important as your fitness programme. 

Our expert nutritional guide is the perfect addition to your training programme. In addition to the guide, the programme includes over 200 family friendly recipes to complement your training goals. 


Our purpose built & well equipped creche is perfect for mums & dads who want to spend some time concentrating on their fitness. We know how important it is to feel happy leaving your child in the care of others. You can be confident knowing your little ones are cared for with our qualified & DBS checked creche staff. 6 weeks to 5 years. 

Tring Creche
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Membership Options

Monthly subscription with no tie-in period. Longer fixed term memberships also available. 

No Contract 1 month fixed term memberships are available for adults, students and juniors as well as Pay As You Go bundles.

All our studio classes, Spin sessions, indoor gym sessions & On-Demand classes are INCLUDED in our rolling and fixed term term memberships *

* HYROX memberships excluded.

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Where To Find Us

Located on the main Western Road in Tring, next to the Royal Mail sorting office. 

We benefit from bike racks and 14 allocated car park spaces.

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