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Body Transformation That Changes Lives...

An insight into the On The Limit SlimFit Transformation Programme

Adam Bell, PT and On the Limit Gym owner

SlimFit Transformation


SlimFit Group Training


It was autumn 2021. The last eighteen months had been hard on many people. And for Hannah Beasant from Tring, a busy working mum of two children, she’d also beaten cancer. Turning 40 was an important milestone to celebrate, but cancer treatment and lockdown routines had left Hannah feeling sluggish and unmotivated. Her clothes didn’t fit, and early menopause following cancer treatment meant that weight was a lot harder to shift than it had been when she was younger. Fast forward to 2022 and Hannah is fit, healthy, energised and she feels stronger – mentally and physically. It’s all thanks to On The Limit’s SlimFit Programme, based at our gym in Tring. Want to find out more? We’ve answered some common queries and concerns about Tring’s most popular Body Transformation programme.

What is SlimFit?

SlimFit is an intensive six-week health and fitness programme lead by On The Limit’s expert personal trainers (PT) based in Tring, and serving the surrounding towns of Wendover, Berkhamsted, Great Missenden, Chesham and beyond. Joining SlimFit starts with a full assessment; measurements are taken, and plans are made, as we work out how to help you achieve your fitness goals. Then the hard work begins:  You train three times a week with your dedicated PT in small group training sessions, using a combination of strength training, functional fitness, mobility and cardio. This delivers the most intense calorie-burning sessions that also increase strength and lean mass.  In combination, we guide you on how to make the right food choices, and what your calorie intake should be.

What’s the Difference Between SlimFit and Regular PT Sessions?

The thing that makes SlimFit special is the group involvement and sense of being part of a team. Hannah recalls her first sessions, “I had previously struggled with motivation, but knowing the rest of the group would all be there, made it easy for me to turn up. And very quickly, you make friends, and you know you’re going to have a giggle. Adam (our PT) and the other participants are always so encouraging, and we have a WhatsApp group so we can motivate each other.” Also, by regularly taking your vital statistics, we can keep track of your progress and provide that extra level of motivation.

But I’m too nervous to join a gym

The great thing about SlimFit is that you have a dedicated PT to take you and your fellow participants through everything – how to use the machines in the gym and getting your technique right. Hannah shared her concerns before she started, “Before I started, weights and gyms looked really intimidating to me. But SlimFit made it easy as I had the help I needed so I never felt overwhelmed or intimidated – I just really enjoyed it.”

Will I lose weight after 6 weeks with SlimFit?

Lots of people join SlimFit to lose weight – but Hannah actually gained weight in her first few weeks. This is not unusual and a positive sign that you’re building muscle as part of your body transformation. Ultimately, Hannah (and most participants) did lose weight but we also measure your transformation in centimetres too. For Hannah, she lost 4cm off her waist, 2cm of each thigh and 5cm off her chest – in just six weeks!

What happens after six weeks?

For many people, the SlimFit body transformation programme is the kickstart they need to mobilise their fitness journey and then they can maintain this themselves through gym sessions or exercise classes. Others choose to do further SlimFit programmes as they enjoy the routine, results and how it makes them feel. Hannah is now on her fourth(!) SlimFit programme and has now achieved her goals, but she loves the positive impact SlimFit has had on her mental health.

What about the early starts?

We offer a choice of programmes that either start at 6am, 8pm or a combination of the two. Hannah told me that she was initially reluctant to do SlimFit because of the early starts, but now she sees them as an asset; “Being a working mum, it’s hard to fit exercise into my day. Starting early meant that I could work hard and achieve my fitness goals, and still be home to give the kids breakfast. It worked perfectly.”

Can SlimFit Help my mental health?

Yes! Exercise is proven to benefit mental health, thanks to the happy hormones that your body releases when you work hard. But it’s more than that:  SlimFit can give you connections, friendships and a sense of purpose. The results will also help you feel positive about yourself. For Hannah, this was one of the most incredible aspects of the programme, which has left her feeling “stronger: physically and mentally.”

How do I join Tring’s Favourite Body Transformation Programme?

We run SlimFit in six-week blocks. See when our next block starts here and either call us to discuss or download the On The Limit app and secure your space on our next block today!



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