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Tone & Sculpting

Stability (Balls) Toning

A challenging way to add variety and fun to your workout using big bouncy balls! (Fitness Balls Not Essential)


Tone & Sculpt

A full body workout that will help you shape and define your muscles.

Glute Camp

Lower Body Workout. 

Watch out Legs, Bums & Tums!!

Early Riser

Get your fast fix of early energy with a mix of aerobic and resistance-based exercises.


Core Specific


Combining traditional body-weight exercises with the latest interval techniques.

PWR Circuits

A power circuit class using resistance exercises to target and develop power, strength, agility and boost metabolism.

Total Body Toning

All round, full body workout using various equipment & bodyweight.


Functional Fitness

A class utilising functional movements increasing fitness for everyday life and activities. 

Core Specific

Killer Abs

A great workout for your ‘middle section’. 

25 minutes of intense and worthwhile abdominal exercise.

Core & Abs

A 45-minute class focusing on abs and back, strength and stability, improving posture, spinal strength and flexibility; an excellent core workout!


Slow & Steady

Vinyasa Yoga

Focusing on transitions, movements with poses strung rhythmically together to form one fluid sequence of movement. A form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and movements with the breath to boost physical and mental well-being.

Dynamic Stretch

A class focused on improving flexibility and range of motion.  This class works on core stability, building strength in balance whilst using a dynamic flow that will challenge your body and mind. Finish with a relaxation to calm and de-stress.


A mixture Yoga & Pilates principles with a bias on the Core & Abs for extra good measure.


Concentrating on slow & controlled movements to stretch & strengthen the deep core muscles.

High Energy

ICE Breaker

(Indoor Cardio Experience)

Body weight exercises intermixed with Cardio intervals.


Cardio Combat

Punch, kick and sweat your way to a fitter you! Simple mixed martial arts inspired moves to condition and define the whole body! Also a great way to reduce stress and make you feel good. No equipment needed, but be ready to have fun and sweat

Fatburn Extreme

An up-tempo workout designed to burn fat with maximum effect. Anyone can take part as the body weight exercises are designed with high and low impact options to adapt to your fitness level.  A great start to your weeks exercise plan.


One of the ‘funnest’ classes ever! Zumba combines great music with an effective workout. 



Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, this class gives you a total body workout.

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