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Updated Monday 19th July 2021.

Despite the official guidance being lifted as of 19th July 2021, we have taken the decision to continue with most of the safety implementations that have been in place throughout this past year.

Please read our new safety protocols and procedures to ensure you get the best out of your membership whilst staying safe.


As you may be aware under previous government guidance we had to limit the number of people within the building to 1 person per 100 square foot. To work out this measurement we were ‘able’ to include what we class as ‘dead’ space such as the reception, changing rooms, creche and staff areas. However, in this instance we have not included these areas within our calculations as we do not feel comfortable maximising our capacity to this extent as we want our members to benefit from an enjoyable, effective and most importantly a safe session.

That being said, we are exceptionally lucky to benefit from such a large gym floor, therefore we are ‘allowed’ to accommodate a maximum capacity of 40 people (including staff) within this area at one time. In the first instance however, to maintain this safe environment further, we will be limiting entry to the gym to a maximum of 25 members & 2 Personal Training clients (plus minimum staff) at any one time, keeping us well below our self-imposed capacity of 40 people so that equipment can be utilised by all. This capacity will be reviewed on a daily basis, and will be amended accordingly depending on demand, current guidance and whether we feel that we can accommodate more, safely.


In the first instance, we will be opening our sessions from:

6 AM to 8PM        Weekdays

8 AM to 4PM        Saturday

CLOSED         Sunday

We understand that these sessions are slightly reduced compared to pre-lockdown, however, there is a need to balance staff availability and costs. Depending on attendance and demand, we will be reviewing these opening hours on a weekly basis to ensure we are being as cost effective as possible, and enable us to undertake a thorough end of day and end of week clean and allow our staff and ourselves some downtime to reconnect with our families on a Sunday. As per our usual terms and conditions, we reserve the right to cancel any sessions which hold less than 3 booked members.


Throughout our closure there was much discussion as to whether we should allow members to just ‘turn up and train’ in the club, however, in line with current guidance, and to ensure people don’t have a wasted journey and access denied, we have configured our software so that pre-booking a slot is now required.

This system may seem restrictive at first, however we feel that the benefits of this will far outweigh having an ‘open’ gym, as sessions can be pre-booked up to 7 days in advance AND booked at a moments notice if capacity allows.

Booking a slot will be administered just like our class booking system, very simply via our ClubRight app.  If you do not have a profile set-up yet, please see our webpage with full instructions. It will also allow you to book 7 days in advance so that you can be assured that your slot is secure or in as little as 5 minutes if you are never quite sure what the week will bring. There will be plenty of slots available to be utilised.

We ask in this first instance, whilst we ascertain how best we can accommodate demand, members only book singular sessions i.e. not ‘back-to-back’ sessions.

We also would ask that members only book the sessions that they are confident that they will turn up to, and not blanket book sessions with a view to cancel as this is unfair to other gym members and will force us to consider limiting the amount of sessions which can be booked per week, which we do not want to do.

All of our gym sessions have a waiting list enabled, therefore if a cancellation does appear a text message will be sent to all members on that waiting list to claim the session. The first one to claim, will be the first to secure the spot. Therefore it is imperative, that if you do not intend to train, cancellation of your session is necessary to facilitate other members.

As an extension to this, we will also be extending our 2 HOUR CANCELLATION policy to the gym floor bookings, so that we can facilitate as many members to utilise the sessions. If a session cannot be attended, cancellation must be administered via the ClubRight app a minimum of 2 hours before the session is due to start. (Please see club t’s and c’s for further details in how this will be enforced.)


Sessions will START ON THE HOUR, every hour and limited to 50minutes. This will allow the maximum traffic to use the facility and so that staff have an opportunity to clean the communal areas between sessions & have a break.

Staff, although minimal to allow for maximum member usage, will be available to assist with anything you need and will be reminding you of the time left in your session at 45 minutes minutes past the hour to ensure you can clean your final piece of equipment and leave the building. This is part of their job, so please do not take offence by them reminding you of the time left in your session.


Our indoor studio classes have resumed. Sessions will cater for up to 10 attendees. We have the ability to extend this number further but presently we will continue to be cautious.  

As the live Zoom option has been so well received during lockdown, we will continue to provide all classes on a Virtual basis as standard, so that people have the choice whether to attend in person, dial in from home or access the classes at a more convenient time on catch-up!

We have invested in a microphone for our instructors so that there will be no need to shout.

Spacing and social distancing will be adhered to in regards to placement of the attendees and bikes.


For the safety of our members and staff, we will be limiting the number of people in reception to one team member and one club member at any one time. At the start of your booked session, please form an orderly socially distanced queue OUTSIDE the building and a staff member or class instructor will greet you and take you through reception, supervising the changing of outdoor shoes,  taking your temperature, ensuring you are scanning in using the QR code in the app and using the hand-sanitiser. 

They will undertake this in as quick a fashion as possible to enable you the maximum time within the gym. They will then follow you through to the gym floor to supervise and undertake the communal cleaning procedures required. If you arrive late to your pre-booked session/class, you may be denied entry.


It is now be mandatory that all attendees will bring with them CLEAN ‘indoor only’ trainers. The expectation is for members and staff to change into these as you pass through reception and change again on exit. This is extremely important to avoid cross-contamination and bringing in potential viruses from the outside and back out of the building.

Start shopping now if you need a new pair, or be prepared to put a designated pair into the washing machine prior to your first visit.


In order to satisfy our requirements to keep a track and trace system, during our closure we have installed a QR entry reader in reception.

On entry to reception, you will be required to scan your ClubRight QR code (located on your smartphone within the ClubRight app) which will unlock the door into the main gym and register your attendance in that booked session. Please note that if your session is not booked in, it will not allow you entry.

On exit, we will require you to re-scan your QR code to indicate that you have left the building and re-set our capacity numbers.

We will have on display the NHS app for you to scan also.


In addition to the full medical grade clean of all equipment and flooring, and full service and filter change of the air-conditioning units the we undertook at the end of last year, as per the government guidelines, it is now mandatory that MEMBERS must thoroughly clean the equipment as they go. This is in addition to the increased cleaning procedures that staff will be required to do to the communal areas.

Extra spray stations and hand-sanitiser stations have been installed to facilitate this. Anyone not seen to be fully cleaning equipment will be asked to leave, as the safety of our staff and members is paramount to us and we absolutely do not want to be responsible for an increase in illness in the local area.

In addition to this, as many internal doors as possible will be propped open to avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces.


As per the guidelines, please arrive in your sports kit (with the exception of your indoor trainers which must be changed in reception). The changing rooms will be available for hand washing and toilet requirements only and will be limited to 2 people in at one time. Showers and lockers have reopened, however we ask that if where possible you go home to shower.


Please bring as little as possible with you (with the exception of your keys, smart phone, water bottles, clean indoor trainers and any medication such as inhalers etc.) We will have wire cages in reception to leave your spare belongings including your outdoor shoes and jackets, which have been designed to be easily sanitised between sessions by our staff.


Presently, the guidance states that is not mandatory that any user is required to use a face-mask providing adequate ventilation and air conditioning systems are utilised. We, of course will insist our staff wear masks when taking temperatures, as they will come within a 1 metre proximity of members, and we will support them to wear face masks at all other times.  If you wish to wear a face-mask you are of course welcome to bring your own. 


If you feel generally unwell, have a raised temperature above 37.5 degrees, cough, aches, loss of taste or have been in contact with anyone who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus or general illness, then in line with current guidelines we ask that, for the safety of our team and other members you do not attend.

If you experiencing ANY Covid symptoms, are diagnosed POSITIVE with Covid, or are self-isolating having been in close contact with someone who is experiencing symptoms AND have trained with us within the last 10 days, you are obliged under our T’s & C’s to contact us and let us know immediately. This is so we can implement our track and trace system & keep our local community safe. 

Everyone’s safety is our priority.


All members must train individually, and adhere to social distancing at all times, unless they attend with someone from their household bubble. 


Assuming you adhered to social distancing requirements when you were within the gym, and undertook the required cleaning, you are extremely unlikely to be at risk from contracting anything. However, as a matter of procedure we will inform everyone who was in the session as soon as we are informed that there was a positive case within their session/bubble. The details of the person will of course be kept confidential to abide by our obligations under the data protection act & GDPR regulations.


To facilitate our staff to avoid the need to handle cash payments and limit any potential risk of virus transmission, we will now be a cashless facility.  The ClubRight system allows all members to store encrypted debit card details to purchase items such as refreshments, merchandise, home-equipment and memberships. All transactions will therefore need to be administered via the app (preferably), or via contactless payment. 


Cups will be removed from the water station and you are encouraged to bring your own personal water bottle with you. We will have available disposable bottles of water to purchase.


Although we have suspended the £5 drop in sessions for the foreseeable future to adhere to government guidelines, we are offering one month fixed term memberships for both adults £55, students £40 and juniors £35, as well as our usual & more cost effective rolling monthly  & longer fixed term memberships; (see website for details).  We have also implemented PAYG bundles, however in most instances it would be more cost effective to purchase a fixed term or rolling membership. 


The creche has re-opened. We have specifically not counted the creche within our maximum capacity numbers as we felt this was an area that had to be looked at on an individual basis. 

Guidance still allows for 6 children per session, however we would like to limit this to 4 children per session presently.

Our creche sessions run in conjunction with the gym floor sessions, however if you are choosing to attend a class session, please book 2 creche sessions to cover your allotted time.

If you were previously not a parent and baby member, but this is a facility which you would like to utilise please get in touch and we will happily arrange a trial creche and class/gym session for you. 


We understand that there is a VERY small contingent of members who do not own a smartphone. This does not stop you using the facilities. You can use the website to book your session via a desktop, laptop or tablet computer.

If this relates to you, please contact us, so we can put into place the logistics of how to allow you to access the facility.


If you wish to take advantage of the 7 day booking feature, please contact us asap so that we can ‘unfreeze’ you.


We of course would love it if you would re-activate your membership status. Please see our website for all the membership options currently available and get in touch asap so that we can get you re-instated and booking your sessions.


We hope that we have given you confidence in how we are operating in a safe manner, however we welcome any suggestion that you may have in order to make your time at On The Limit more productive.

Please understand, that all these measures, numbers, times, etc will be subject to weekly review, and as you can appreciate, this is a developing situation for us all which may have to adapt as we go along.

We will of course be monitoring the updates from the Government and will increase numbers/session times as and when it is safe & financially viable to do so (on a rolling scale) and when staffing levels allow also.

We hope that you can appreciate the difficult situation we are in and please be assured that we are trying to get to full capacity as soon as we are physically able to.

Keep an eye out on our social media channels for more updates and to see further videos on how we plan to implement these plans further.

May we again take this opportunity to THANK ALL the Staff, Instructors and of course you the MEMBERS for the support during the lockdown and we all very much look forward to seeing you soon back at On The Limit.

Kind Regards

Kathryn and Adam


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