Tier 4 Lockdown Plans

Tier 4 Gym Gameplan

Well we didn’t see that coming did we! 

We were utterly side-swiped yesterday when it was confirmed that the indoor gym floor element of On The Limit has to close under the new Tier 4 guidelines, and will stay so, until at least the 30th December.
However, just like before, we know just how important it is for you all to continue exercising.
SO we have resurrected the gazebo for our OUTDOOR sessions.
These sessions will be available for individuals, household bubbles or two socially distant people. We will be pulling out as much equipment as we can, including treadmills, spin bikes, weights and benches. If we can get it outside we absolutely will.
To facilitate as many people to use this facility, we are asking you to buddy up with a friend for your session if possible. We are also limiting each session to 1 per day, no back to back sessions. Please secure your spaces via your ClubRight app as soon as possible. Due to all the staff being furloughed, it will be only Adam facilitating the sessions. Please try to not leave spaces between sessions.
Personal Training sessions will continue either on Zoom or Outside, please contact your trainer directly for your personal arrangements.
Classes will return entirely to zoom and those who were booked into the studio have been moved to the online version.
All of our Outdoor Sessions, Live Virtual Classes and On-Demand classes are available to our adults, over 65’s, students and juniors.
Our On-Demand Classes are also always available.
We will also be facilitating equipment loans for as many of our members as possible.
Obviously if your local gym has closed, please feel free to contact us to see how we can help in the meantime whilst in Tier 4.
In the meantime, if you would like to continue supporting us, GIFT VOUCHERS are still available to purchase for your loved ones, just contact us before 24th December and we will arrange and even hand deliver or post if you need us to.
It has been an incredibly tough year for everyone, however throughout it all, our loyal members have stuck by us and for that, we are SO SO thankful.
We employ over 20 and serve hundreds of the local community to achieve their exercise goals and keep their physical and mental health at its peak, and ultimately allowing us all to keep re-opening our doors as and when we are allowed.
For that reason, we will always do absolutely EVERYTHING to keep our facility operational if we can.
Whilst this festive period won’t quite be as we expected, we would like to thank you ALL for your support throughout this year. We couldn’t have done it without you!
Adam and Kathryn