Set-Up Your ClubRight Profile & Book Today..

How to book your session


If you haven’t already done so, whether you are a prospective, current, frozen, expired or previous member, you will need to set yourself up a ClubRight profile in order to book your session.

There are some very simple steps that need to be actioned so you can book your sessions.


1. Using a Desktop, Laptop or Tablet (not a mobile in the first instance) go to the link below….

2. Register your details. Please note: If you have held a membership with us before please use the email address we have on the system for you.  If you don’t remember the email address you gave us, contact us and we will confirm your email address you gave us or change it if you require.

3. Once registered, please verify your email address.

4. Once you have confirmed your email address please go to the PROFILE tab and confirm that everything we have manually entered is correct and most importantly add a photo of yourself. 

5. If you do hold a current membership you will be able to book your sessions straight away.

6. If you don’t hold a current membership you will be able to set up & purchase your membership. We have 1, 3, 6, or 12 months available for both adults, students or juniors or the usual rolling Direct Debit memberships available. You will then be able to book straight away. 

Once this has been actioned, you can then go to your IOS or android App store and download the ClubRight app and book all your sessions from there!

If you have any questions please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Adam and Kathryn