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Improve Your Mental Health with these 5 Fitness Tips
Adam Bell, PT and On the Limit Gym owner

At On The Limit gym in Tring, we’re known for the support we provide our customers in achieving their physical health goals. But what about their mental health? Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) 2022 has got me thinking about the role we play in supporting people with their mental health and in combating loneliness – the focus of this year’s MHAW.


Can Exercise Really Help Your Mental Health?


In short, yes! Exercise is great to improve your mental health: First of all there’s the science behind it: exercise makes our bodies release endorphins – the happy hormones – that make us feel good. But beyond that, there’s also the feeling of pride and satisfaction after you’ve done some exercise (we all know it’s a good thing to do, right?). It can also help your mind to switch off from the more stressful things that are happening in your life and help you connect with other people.


But What About Motivation?


This is a tough one. Whilst exercise can make you feel really good and boost your mental health, it can also make you feel terribly guilty if you don’t deliver on your health goals. I’ve also heard people talk about the anxiety of joining a gym or new classes. So how do you stop your fitness journey from becoming another thing to worry about?



1. Create a Fitness Routine –


Making exercise a regular part of your daily or weekly routine is a great way to make sure you maintain your fitness targets. Setting aside regular time to exercise will make it easier whilst giving you a bit of ‘me time’. 



2. Something you enjoy –


I’m a big believer that exercise-wise there’s something for everyone. Some people love working out in a gym, others enjoy walking, group sports or exercise classes. Try different things until you find something you enjoy and then it won’t be a chore to go!



3. Train with others –


Go for a walk with a friend or ask them to the gym with you for an extra level of motivation.  But what happens if you don’t have someone to exercise with? Membership to a local gym or attending a regular exercises class can really help combat those feeling of loneliness. At our local gym in Tring, we know that seeing the same people, having a shared experience and having some company is a great way to help you feel motivated.



4. Gain confidence with an expert –


Using gym equipment can feel pretty intimidating when you first start exercising in a public gym. But most gyms will have people on hand who can help and advise. If in doubt, getting a personal trainer for one or two sessions can help you set your fitness goals and build your confidence.



5. Put it all together –


At OTL gym in Tring, we offer a body transformation programme called Slimfit which offers all of the above in a dedicated six-week package: 3 weekly meetings of group personal training, unlimited access to classes plus a WhatsApp group to ensure everyone stays motivated. 


Speaking to Hannah, one of our Slimfit attendees, really highlighted to me the impact these sessions have on mental health. She told me, “When I started Slimfit last year, I wanted to drop a dress size. But now I’ve reached my goals, I want to continue exercising as my mental health is so much better. I feel stronger physically and mentally. At first I was nervous but I quickly got to know the people I was training with and we had a real giggle and motivated each other to keep going.”


If you’re looking for a local gym, personal training, exercise classes or a body transformation programme near to Tring, Wendover, Berkhamsted, Aylesbury, Hemel Hempstead, Great Missenden or surrounding areas then get in touch and we’ll be delighted to provide you with more information or organise a free three day pass so you can try out the facilities for yourself.


We look forward to meeting you soon! – Adam and the OTL team


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