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Nutrition Programme

Nutrition Programme

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Nutritional Programme
If Covid-19 taught us anything, it was that we cannot take our health and fitness for granted, and in these current times, the healthier, fitter and leaner you are the better. And if this pandemic has brought us one good thing, it’s this!
It’s enabled us to develop what we believe is a fully comprehensive nutritional guide that is designed to clearly articulate the basics of nutrition for everyday health and aims to re-educate & refocus you in what you put in your body. Aside from the basics, it goes much much further and is tailored to you as an individual to support you in achieving your health and fitness goals.
Smashing through the misconceptions surrounding nutrition, the guide dispels the myths surrounding popular ‘diet fads’ which are not healthy, nor sustainable in the long term. It also demonstrates why quick-fix solutions and cutting entire food groups is unsustainable too. It teaches you what you need to eat, and when, to complement and work in conjunction with your exercise goals. SIMPLE.
Working in conjunction with your Fitness Goals, you will have fully implementable plan to help you achieve your fitness and exercise goals!!!


Do you work out several times a week, but just can’t seem to get down to your ideal weight.
Are you starting to pursue your health and fitness goals but want evidenced-based information, rather than fad diets endorsed by so-called Celebrities?
Do you want to tone up and build muscle, but are struggling to achieve your goal?
Are you happy with your fitness and weight and just want to maintain your weight, but feel like you’d like more information on what is nutritionally best for your body?
Would you just like to learn more about nutrition and how, by understanding it, you can improve your general health?
Have you lost focus in planning what to eat and just head to the processed foods and snack cupboard?
Do you need nutritious family-friendly recipes that are suitable for all, without needing to cook separately for the kids?
Or do you just want to get a handle on what you put in your body?
Whatever your motivation or current situation, if you want to improve your health and fitness, then this programme is for you.


 A comprehensive, and easy-to-follow 51-page online guide with a breakdown of basic nutritional elements, traffic light systems, work-out & rest day meal guides and so much more…
Calculations to work-out your personalised basic nutritional requirements.
Over 200 family-friendly, easy-to-make recipes with full caloric breakdown which works independently, or in conjunction with myfitnesspal if required.
Downloadable Measurement Tracker for you to document your measurements to see trends over time.
Daily Food Diary/Tracker.
The nutritional programme is included totally free of charge with our Adult Direct Debit, 3 month plus upfront adult memberships & Slimfit memberships too. It is also available to purchase separately for £39.99 for other memberships which equates to just under 11 pence per day. So if you are thinking about it, talk to us about upgrading your membership or if it’s not the right to upgrade purchase it separately.
If you want more information, send us a message and we’ll be in touch.

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