Nutritional Programme

Nutritional Programme

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Nutritional Programme
If 2020 taught us anything, it was that we cannot take our health and fitness for granted, and in these current times, the healthier, fitter and leaner you are the better. And if this pandemic has brought us one good thing, it’s this!
It’s enabled us to develop what we believe is a fully comprehensive nutritional programme that is designed to clearly articulate the basics of nutrition for everyday health and aims to re-educate & refocus you in what you put in your body. Aside from the basics, it goes much much further and is tailored to you as an individual to support you in achieving your health and fitness goals.
Smashing through the misconceptions surrounding nutrition, the programme dispels the myths surrounding popular ‘diet fads’ which are not healthy, nor sustainable in the long term. It also demonstrates why quick-fix solutions and cutting entire food groups is unsustainable too. It teaches you what you need to eat, and when, to complement and work in conjunction with your exercise goals. SIMPLE.
Working in conjunction with your Fitness Goals, you will have fully implementable plan to help you achieve your fitness and exercise goals!!!


Do you work out several times a week, but just can’t seem to get down to your ideal weight.
Are you starting to pursue your health and fitness goals but want evidenced-based information, rather than fad diets endorsed by so-called Celebrities?
Do you want to tone up and build muscle, but are struggling to achieve your goal?
Are you happy with your fitness and weight and just want to maintain your weight, but feel like you’d like more information on what is nutritionally best for your body?
Would you just like to learn more about nutrition and how, by understanding it, you can improve your general health?
Have you lost focus in planning what to eat and just head to the processed foods and snack cupboard?
Do you need nutritious family-friendly recipes that are suitable for all, without needing to cook separately for the kids?
Or do you just want to get a handle on what you put in your body?
Whatever your motivation or current situation, if you want to improve your health and fitness, then this programme is for you.


365 day access to...

A comprehensive, and easy-to-follow 51-page online guide with a breakdown of basic nutritional elements, traffic light systems, work-out & rest day meal guides and so much more…
Calculations to work-out your personalised basic nutritional requirements.
A full and ever-expanding library of family-friendly, easy-to-make recipes with full caloric breakdown which works independently, or in conjunction with myfitnesspal if required.
Downloadable Measurement Tracker for you to document your measurements to see trends over time.
Daily Food Diary/Tracker.
Access to a dedicated Members Only Facebook community where we can support you and you support each other to achieve your goal as an individual and as a collective.
Dedicated online Q&A sessions.
Our nutritional programme is accessible online as a membership add-on. This one-time payment allows access for 365 days to the online content, to give you enough time to learn, understand and really set your new habits. It’s beauty, is we can expand it everyday with more content; utilising all the feedback we get to make it the best it can be at any given time. It’s been developed by us, so we have full creative control.
If at the end of this time, you need more time to either solidify your habits, still want to access the guide & recipe library or just want the support of the group, you will be able to extend your license for a further period.
 For a limited time only, the programme is £39.99 which equates to just under 11 pence per day. So if you are thinking about it, just jump in.
Absolutely. Once you’ve purchased the programme, you can request to join the private OTL Nutrition Facebook page.
If you need help with anything, please just shout!



If you are a current active member..

💻 Just go to your ClubRight Members Area.
Go to ‘Start A Membership’.
👉🏼 Select The Nutritional Programme.
👩🏼‍💻 Make the Payment.
🙌🏼 Once the Membership is activated, your Nutritional Programme will be available immediately in the On-Demand section within ClubRight.
You are then able to download and print your Measurement Tracker, Food Diary and Statistic Calculators in preparation for the program. 

So whats stopping you?

 It’s not the right time…
Our answer… When is? There is never going to be the right time. We suggest, if you’ve got this far, just jump on board. Seize the Day!
💁🏼‍♀️ I don’t need to ‘lose’ weight, I’m happy as I am…
Our answer… Yes, this guide will undoubtedly help people to lose weight, but it about so much more! It will educate and improve your nutritional knowledge and teach you how to sustain and even gain weight if that’s your goal. If you wish to increase your lean muscle mass, then you will find the guidance on how to achieve this. This is particularly important as you age.
📖 “But I Just Want The Nutritional Guide?”
Our answer… You can take as much or as little as you want from the programme. We won’t hold you to how much you utilise but that comes with a caveat…. Obviously, for the best results, we’d really like the spots to go to members who are going to throw themselves fully in, but we all know that sometimes that isn’t always possible. But by joining the Facebook group, you will find it harder to ‘fall off the wagon’ and you will find it easier to motivate yourself if you ‘get involved’.
We promise it won’t be all ‘happy clappy’ (that’s not our style) just good solid evidence-based advice and support from a great team of other people on the program.
🏅 “Are Results Guaranteed?”…
Our Answer… The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. It’s up to you, your goal, your mindset, your determination. As much as we can tell you what to do & give you evidence-based information (which we know works if followed), your results will be down to your own hard work and dedication, which is pretty much reflective of life. We will absolutely support, guide you, advise you and motivate you, but it will be down to you.
💰 “I’m not sure about the price”…
Our answer… Honestly, you’ll not get a better, more comprehensive, relatable programme. It gives you 365 days of access for less than 11 pence per day. We bet you pay more for apps on your phone!
⚖️ I don’t have the scales or a measuring tape to take my base measurements…
Our answer… Don’t worry, if you need help with these please let us know and we can arrange a time for you to come down to the gym and get weighed, measured and your base statistics calculated. If you have your own in-body measuring facilities, but just need help with your calculations then please let us know.
✍🏻 I’m not an Active member…
Our answer… We’re really sorry but we have decided to prioritise this programme to those who have an active membership. 
If you feel like you would like to ‘jump on board’ then please shout asap and we’ll get you set-up with a membership plan that suits you. As you are aware we are still operating an almost full-timetable with every class available LIVE or as an ON-DEMAND service if timings don’t suit you for the classes you love!
Is this suitable for Juniors….
Our Answer… Absolutely Yes! It’s NEVER to early to learn about good nutrition and you will be set up for a lifetime of understanding what it will take to live your best life. 
Your parents and your future self will undoubtedly thank you!