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Tring Personal Training

Tring Personal Training

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Designed & led by our expert PT’s, our 1-2-1 Training sessions will guide you, motivate you and push you past any limit you thought you had. We will give you the confidence and stamina to kick start or progress your training.

Whether you are just starting out, want to add another training element to your training, need a refresher or feel that your training has plateaued, our personal trainers will tailor your sessions to your individual needs so that you can reach your goals.


Personal Training Tring


Whatever your goal, personal training allows you to work with an experienced dedicated trainer to ensure your session is 100% effective to allow you to achieve that goal in the shortest time. Our qualified PT’s are committed to bringing their expert knowledge to each session, working directly alongside you with friendly motivation.


Whether you’re a beginner or an athlete, our personal trainers are the best in the local area. Helping you make the most of your time by giving you guidance, motivation, accountability and support as part of a focused, personalised training programme.

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Personal Training On The Limit Tring


Your general health and wellbeing are as important to us as your physical fitness. And giving you ample space in which to train is part of our commitment to maintaining a safe gym environment. In every one of your personal training sessions, you’ll have a minimum of 100 sq ft to yourself. Think of it as your gym within a gym.

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